CNC Technology

CNC Technology

All our CNC machines are always manned by assigned personnel who exclusively deal with the good execution and dimensional control of the product. To make this possible, each manager supervise his production cycle, while other qualified personnel carry out some necessary and fundamental operations.

Milling Process

In the CNC milling sector, the computerized detection of the work phases is very important. Through the monitoring of the cost centers we have constant control of the progress of production through immediate traceability (not only of the work carried out but also of those still in progress).


MG also offers a CNC turning service. We have state-of-the-art CNC turning machines. Thanks to the computerized detection of the work phases, the company can guarantee constant real-time control of the progress of production.

Laser Cutting

We have a long experience in sheet metal laser cutting, we process sheets with a maximum size of 4040 x 2000 mm. Laser cutting machines allow us to work plates simultaneously for multiple customers. This allows us to reduce the waste significantly and gives us an economic advantage.

Punching machine


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