Company profile

Company profile

MG business philosophy is: "Competition is not about what companies produce, but about what they are able to add to the product"

In 40 years we have developed an extraordinary wealth of skills accompanied by the typical commitment of those who want to be leaders. By placing the customer and his needs always at the center of our business choices, we have worked hard to obtain rewarding results both on a professional and social level with particular regarding environmental protection.

On these premises, the company management has invested considerable energy to instill a new business culture understood as a consolidated and widespread practice in all sectors of the company. An ethical culture whose fundamental pillars are found in the values that have always distinguished our company.

8.000 mq





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Company structure

Company philosophy

Competition is not about what
companies produce, but about
what they are able to add to
the product


International partnerships, presence in foreign markets.

A fundamental lever of company development is its multi-year approach & knowledge based on continuous technical updating and on maintaining high quality standards, in order to ensure high company competitiveness. The company management has thought of a flexible and adequate structure, built according to the suggestions of our clients, in order to assist them the best way possible.

1 Spain

Aereospace, Furniture, Nautical


Dissipation, Electric Mobility

3 Germany

Aerospace, Electronics, Automotive

4 Slovakia

Power Electronics, Industry, Naval

5 Italy

Industry, Electronics, Renewable Energy


Our operational offices

Active from 8: 00-13: 00 and from 14: 00-19: 00

Manufacturing plant:
Production Plan 312:

Via Il Ferrino n°2 – Cavriglia

ITALIA ( AR ) 52022

Manufacturing plant:
Production Plan 316:

Via La Minierina n°10 – Cavriglia

ITALIA ( AR ) 52022