Nowadays, management of heat dissipation is an increasingly important factor in the design of electronic products, considering the increase in power dissipation of electronic devices and their reduction in size. In fact, an excessively high operating temperature drastically decreases both the reliability and the average life. Our company specializes in the design and production of a complete and constantly evolving range of latest generation heatsinks for the electronics industry.




Aluminum extrusion process allows us to obtain profiles of infinite and complex shapes. We can modify the shape of the profile, change the contact surface with the air and, consequently, the dissipation capacity. Extruded products are generally used in medium power systems. These heatsinks are usually divided by shape (T, H, L, K, E, U, P), width and height, and organized in increasing order of size. MG follows mechanical processes upon customer's requests, in order to guarantee the reliability and quality of the finished product.



In order to obtain profiles of large dimensions (which cannot be made directly with extrusion) two or more extruded profiles can be welded together. Welding is extremely flexible to the customer's dimensional needs and can be used for any modification to existing profiles. We provide special extruded profiles already chamfered for simpler and more efficient MIG and TIG welding operations. This technique allows us to create profiles with a maximum width of 900 mm.



This line of products was born from the continuous and growing need to supply heat sinks with ever greater thermal performance. To achieve this goal we worked on the section of the single fin, on the number of fins and on their arrangement. The high efficiency heat sinks also offer high dimensional flexibility and the same mechanical characteristics as the extruded heat sinks, and it is obtained by mechanically assembling the single fins. This process makes them particularly suitable in high power systems in forced convection. Defined Assembled Profiles (PA) are divided by width and height of the single fin profile or module and organized in increasing order of size.



La tecnologia MGSKIVED viene utilizzata quando le alette hanno un’intensità che non può essere ottenuta con la tecnologia di estrusione. Con tale tecnologia possiamo realizzare dissipatori in rame o alluminio. Oggi, tale tecnologia ci permette di superare i limiti del rapporto di spessore e lunghezza dei dissipatori di calore convenzionali e le nostre macchine possono produrre dissipatori di calore ad alta densità e ad altissima efficienza. Le alette possono essere alte ed estremamente sottili e una struttura del dissipatore di calore extra lunga possono essere prodotti dalle nostre macchine smussanti dedicate utilizzando una tecnologia di taglio ad alta precisione di smussatura. Le nostre macchine utilizzano un unico blocco di materiale come rame o alluminio. Le alette e la base è “un pezzo unico”. Pertanto l’efficienza del dissipatore di calore con alette sfilate è fino a due volte superiore rispetto al dissipatore di calore tradizionale. L’efficienza della conduttività termica può raggiungere il 100% del materiale del profilo. Tale tecnologia può essere applicata nell’industria fotovoltaica, veicoli elettrici, inverter, prodotti di comunicazione, luci a led.

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